How-to books about boot and shoe making

  • 2023 cowboy boot calendar, featuring boots and shoes made by Lisa Sorrell. Each month features a boot or shoe, its title (every boot or shoe is named after a bluegrass or classic country song), and includes pictures from the making process.
  • "Bespoke Shoemaking" by Tim Skyrme Complete illustrated guide to shoemaking techniques, from flat leather to creating a pattern to making the shoes  
  • Book of basic cowboy boot patterns: Small, Medium, and Large vamps, counters, and counter covers Boot tops, short heel measurements from 11" to 14 3/4" (This is a book of patterns only -- there are no instructions and this is not a how-to book. THIS IS NOT THE SAME PATTERNING SYSTEM I USE IN THE DVD SET I SELL.) For a complete how-to guide on making cowboy boots, see the 8 DVD boxed set of Lisa's entire boot making class on video: How to Make Cowboy Boots You might also consider Lisa Sorrell's book on creating art with leather: The Art of Leather Inlay and Overlay
  • Lisa's entire cowboy boot making class on 8 DVDs, approximately 15 hours of instruction Accompanying book (not sold separately) includes all patterns* and templates *"Patterns and templates" refers to cowboy boot pieces. Three simple boot top designs are included but this is not a comprehensive reference for cowboy boot designs, stitched and/or inlaid/overlaid You might also consider Lisa Sorrell's book on creating art with leather: The Art of Leather Inlay and Overlay
  • "How to Make Ugg Boots" by George Koleff Illustrated book on how to make a simple pull-on boot similar to UGGs, pattern ruler included  
  • "Last Designing and Making Manuel" by George Koleff Illustrated guide to designing and making a last; ruler and CD included  
  • “Pedorthic footwear: Assessment and treatment” textbook by the Berjalan Foundation Excellent review of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA): “We recommend this book to all health professionals who work or want to work with foot and foot problems.”  
  • "Shoe and Boot Making Manuel" by George Koleff Illustrated guide to patterning for multiple styles of boots and shoes, pattern ruler included  
  • "Simple Sandalmaking" by Tim Skyrme Complete illustrated guide to making sandals, from flat leather to making the sandals Patterns included  
  • "The Art of Leather Inlay and Overlay" by Lisa Sorrell Comprehensive book about creating art with leather, covering tools and materials needed, techniques, and patterning
  • "The Orthopedic Shoemaker" by Phillip Taylor Fascinating autobiography of Phillip Taylor, English shoemaker specializing in orthopedic work  
  • "The Sandalmaking Workshop" by Rachel Corry Beautiful color photos illustrating how to make your own sandals; multiple styles shown  
  • "Tools for the Shoemaker" Vintage catalog for USMC, scanned and reprinted for your enjoyment. Beautiful illustrations of shoemaking tools with descriptions that detail their use.  



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