Aquilim 315


Works best stored in squirt bottle and applied with the Blade Brush.


Compared to solvent-based adhesives, Renia – Aquilim 315 is much more concentrated (higher solid content). The concentration is about 3 times higher than what you find in classic Neoprene glues. This means that with the same amount, you can do a lot more work! The price is higher as well, but the price per application may actually be less. In addition, Aquilim offers the usual advantages of Renia adhesives: it dries clear and allows a wide range of material combinations. Renia – Aquilim 315 can be used cold or heat-activated/reactivated. Sold by weight, not volume.


Usage instructions:
Aquilim 315, contact cement
Directions: Make sure that both surfaces are clean and roughed-up so adhesive can penetrate. Apply adhesive to both surfaces by brushing or spraying and allow to dry completely. Adhesive will turn clear when it’s dry and ready for adhesion; this will take 20-30 minutes depending on humidity. Once adhesive is dry and clear, stick the items to be bonded together and hammer or press.

Additional information


.8 Gallon, 64 ounce, 32 ounce, 16 ounce, Klebfest Textile Tube


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