Lasts, tools, leather, and supplies for boot and shoemakers. No minimums and no business address requirements.
This is new and occasionally the website may charge the wrong shipping rate.  For international orders I might have to contact you for additional shipping or refund your order if that’s unacceptable.

As a cowboy boot maker, there are occasionally products I need that aren’t easy to find. I started Sorrell Notions and Findings in 2013 with the goal of selling only those tools and supplies I personally use and endorse.

For each product there’s a story: I carry the water-based glues because I developed a sensitivity to rubber cement. I import the Baker Leather because it’s the best quality insole and outsole leather available in the world, and I couldn’t get it any other way. I couldn’t find pedigraphs, or Hirschkleber glue, or shank pliers, so I found a source and began selling them. I have the skiving knives made to my specifications in Japan because everyone who used my knife wanted to have their own.

It makes me very happy to share my favorite products with other craftsmen.

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