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Help Choosing a Last

UPDATE: In addition to the instructions below, please measure from the tip of the longest toe to the back of the heel on the foot tracing, and include this information also. Occasionally, if the photo is not taken from directly above, the image will distort and even if I print with a line of exactly 6″ the foot length will be incorrect. 

I am happy to help you choose a last if you’re unsure about how to select your last size and width. However, YOU MUST SEND ME THE INFORMATION EXACTLY, PRECISELY, AS PICTURED. This information can be scanned and emailed or photographed and emailed. If you choose to photograph, you must take the photo from directly above. A photo that’s not taken from directly above will be distorted.

I need:
The Foot Tracing:

This should be taken while seated, with the foot flat on the floor. Trace around the foot with the pencil held exactly straight up and down. A very short pencil works best so you’re not deflected by ankle bones.

The Ball, Instep, and Short Heel measurements:
I prefer inches but send them in centimeters if that’s easier for you. Next to the foot tracing, aligned parallel to the tracing, draw a line exactly 6″ long, with a defined beginning and end point. (Please do not get creative here. Do not draw the line far away from the foot tracing. Do not draw it at an angle to the foot tracing. Do not lay a ruler next to the foot tracing instead.) If you’re using centimeters, draw a line that’s exactly 9 cm long. This line allows me to print your foot tracing to scale; it is very important.

If you send me your information in any format other than as described above you will receive a reply that is a link to this page, to remind you of the instructions.

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