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Size 33/Tex 30 bonded nylon thread in various colors.

1/4 lb cones except as noted

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Lisa says:

“I use size 33 bonded nylon thread for all of my decorative stitching on boot tops. A smaller diameter thread gives the completed project a more delicate, refined look. It also allows me to use a smaller needle, therefore making smaller holes in the leather. I use a size 11 needle with #33 thread.”

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Weight .5 lbs
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Rainbow, Orange, Avocado, Shocking Pink, Rose, Taupe, Chocolate, Teal, Pine, Winetone, Magenta, Plum, Navy, Spruce, Kelly, Turquoise, Golden Yellow, Royal, Sky Blue, Black, White, Apple, Red, Lavender, Pebble Beige, Deer, Sandstone, Argentum, Natural, Platinum, Sistine Blue, Gold Brown, Sage, Steel, Butter, Burgundy, Purple


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