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Fiebing Footwear Products

Fiebing Footwear Products


Fiebing Leather Dye, Dark Brown or Black

Fiebing Burnishing Ink, Dark Brown or Black

Fiebing Bottom Stain, Tan and Brown


Lisa says:

“I dye my soles and heels prior to applying Burnishing Ink, and I use Bottom Stain on the forepart of the soles.”

Additional information


4 oz Dark Brown dye, 32 ounce Dark Brown dye, 4 oz Black dye, 32 oz Black dye, 4 oz Dark Brown burnishing ink, 32 oz Dark Brown burnishing ink, 4 oz Black burnishing ink, 32 oz Black burnishing ink, 4 oz Brown bottom stain, 32 oz Brown bottom stain, 4 oz Tan bottom stain, 32 oz Tan bottom stain


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