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Hammers and mallets


Lisa says,

“A French Hammer has a large flat face, perfect for hammering the flat part of a sole or hitting the flat top of a pegging awl haft. A Shoe Hammer has a rounded face, best for hammering the shank area of a sole or driving in wooden pegs. The Knurled Face Hammer is for hitting nails–the grooved face won’t slip against the nail head. The Fitting Hammer is for holding in your hand and flattening folded edges, and be sure to always use a Plastic or Rawhide Mallet to hit a punch.”

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HorseShoe Brand French, HorseShoe Brand Shoe, German Shoe, Red Handle French, Nickel French, Plain French, Short French, Shoe Hammer, Knurled Face, Fitting Hammer, Rawhide Mallet

1 review for Hammers and Mallets

  1. Gabriel (verified owner)

    I bought 2 hammers: the shoe hammer, and the plain French hammer. Very pleased with both! The shoe hammer is a C.S. Osborne, which I didn’t know when ordering. Good price for it.

    The only improvement I could ask for is the handle on the French hammer. It feels a little thin in my hand since the lower part of it is not more rounded or bulkier like the shoe hammer has.

    Being new to leather and shoe work, I don’t know if this is how most of them are, but I’ve seen photos with both styles of handle.

    Anyways, it’s not a big deal overall, but I do think it would be good if it had a handle like the shoe hammer that felt better in hand. Either way, both are great hammers and I’m happy to have them.

    • Lisa Sorrell

      Like you, I’m totally addicted to hammers! I want all the hammers!

      Because of that, I stock all of the shoe hammers I can find. If I ever find a new one being made with a better handle, I will most certainly sell it. I like being able to offer many styles of shoe hammers.

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