kangaroo leather, sole leather, insole leather, calf leather, rubber

  • Natural rubber cupsoles, medium round toe, 5mm heel lift, approximate 3/4" cupsole depth Link for Archigram Last Archigram Last Bottom Papers and Volume Chart
  • Baby Calf Leather

    Baby Calf is sold in whole skins Crust leather can be used as lining leather or for complete shoes that will be dyed Extra Small: around 6 square feet Small: around 7 square feet Medium: around 8 square feet Large: around 9 square feet Extra Large: around 10 square feet XX Large: around 11 square feet XXX Large: around 12 square feet XXXX Large: around 13 square feet  
  • Baker Leather

    Baker Leather sole bends and pre-cut pieces, insole shoulders and pre-cut pieces, stiffener shoulders and pre-cut pieces, stiffener and toe puff bellies, pre-cut toe puffs, lifting bends and pieces, welt strips, sole bend splits for fillers, and reproduction Russian calf
  • Dr. Sole rubber products
  • Flat Leather Sandals

    Padded insole, leather sole, and single leather heel layer for each sandal
  • Heels and Heel Lifts

    Heel blocks and heel lifts for building heels
  • Kangaroo Leather

    Top-quality kangaroo leather, tanned in Italy Kangaroo is the best choice for leather inlay and overlay, and it's also ideal for wallets and wallet interiors Colored kangaroo is sold in whole skins Small: 3.5-4.4 square feet Medium: 4.5-5.4 square feet Large: 5.5-6.4 square feet Metallic finishes are foils pressed into the leather. They are not dyed or impregnated with metallic dyes. Metallic kangaroo is sold in quarters of a skin, not whole skins  
  • Keystone Leather

    Prime Spanish and Mexican tanned sole bends Cut sole leather pieces, sold in pairs Cut insole leather pieces, sold in pairs Counter, sold in pairs Shank covers, sold in pairs Belly strips for insoles HEEL LIFTS HAVE BEEN MOVED TO HEELS
  • Leather Marking Pens

    Package of three leather marking pens, erase cleanly with heat Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Light Blue, Purple, Lime Green, Brown Silver Pens: Single click pen or refills for click pens
  • LILI Rubber Cupsole

    Natural rubber cupsoles, wide round toe, 5mm heel lift, approximate 3/8" cupsole depth at heel and 5/8" depth at toe Works with VANTAGE last
  • Precut Vamps

    2 ounce Calf leather, tanned in France Extra-large precut vamp blockers, sold in pairs, will accommodate up to size 13 A pair of counter cover (heel area) blockers is also included  
  • Shoe Counters

    Leather pre-formed heel counters, mens and ladies Long flat ladies counters SOLD IN PAIRS  
  • Shoe covers, for keeping shoes clean while they're being made. Activated with heat Large: Mens sizes 7-9.5 ¬†Extra large: 10-13 Sold in pairs
  • Each shoemaking materials kit contains: One pair 7/8 iron Baker Leather insole and outsole OR one pair 9/10 Baker Leather insole and outsole, one Baker Leather welt strip, one pair Baker Leather half moon toe puffs, one Baker Leather lifting piece large enough for three pairs of heel lifts, and one pair mens cut and skived flat counter Each shoemaking tool kit contains: One 3 1/8" inseaming awl, one 85mm outseaming awl, one screw awl haft, one pair metal bristles, 1" skiving knife, plain French hammer, wide lasting pliers, scratch awl, and a right-hand tack puller  
  • VANTAGE Rubber Cupsole

    Natural rubber cupsoles, wide round toe, 5mm heel lift, approximate 5/8" cupsole depth Mens shoe sizes, for ladies sizing order 1 1/2 sizes smaller Works with VANTAGE last



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