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Baker Leather

Baker Leather


Baker Leather sole bends and pre-cut pieces, insole shoulders and pre-cut pieces, stiffener shoulders and pre-cut pieces, stiffener and toe puff bellies, pre-cut toe puffs, lifting bends and pieces, welt strips, sole bend splits for fillers, and reproduction Russian calf

J&FJ Baker is a traditional oak bark tannery. Oak bark tannage is a long, gentle process that protects the natural fibres of the hide, unlike modern tanning methods. The best hides, natural products, 14 months, and a sustainable process come together to produce each piece of uniquely crafted, luxury and durable leather. Lisa Sorrell is honored to be the US dealer for this fine leather that’s prized for its quality, durability and finish.


Lisa says,

“Baker Leather is not split to accurate thicknesses across a bend or shoulder. There WILL be thickness variations — both thinner and thicker than the advertised iron. Baker Leather also tends to have “fluff” on the flesh side that must be scraped or sanded off, which will slightly affect the thickness also.
But, Baker Leather is also beautiful and wonderful to work with; I personally would not want to use anything else. Just be aware of what Baker Leather is and what it isn’t.”

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9/10 Sole Bend, 7/8 Sole Bend, 9/10 Insole Shoulder, 7/8 Insole Shoulder, Lifting Bend, Stiffener Shoulder, Stiffener Belly, Toe Puff Belly, Filler Split, Size 10, Size 13, 9/10 Sole Piece, 7/8 Sole Piece, 9/10 Insole Piece, 7/8 Insole Piece, Lifting Piece, Stiffener Shoulder Piece, Half Moon Toe Puff, Welt Strip, Reproduction Russian Calf


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