Aquilim SG


Renia Aquilim SG forms a reusable, strong yet temporary bond, similar to sticky note paper. Material can be stuck down, pulled up, and repositioned multiple times. Sold by weight, not volume.

Unlike many other “water-based” or “VOC-free” glues, Aquilim GL is completely free of any solvents except water. The easiest way to check this is by smell: many other water-based glues (Latex) contain ammonium with its pungent smell, and many “VOC-free” glues still smell like solvents (they contain Acetone, a solvent that is not classified as a VOC, but is still flammable and hazardous material). Compared to this, Aquilim does not smell at all, is not flammable, and does not require any special handling or storage for hazardous materials.



Lisa says,
“Recently I’ve had problems with the SG changing texture when exposed to air. In the past I’ve stored this glue in a glue pot and used a bristle brush to apply. I am now storing and applying this glue with a squirt bottle and spreading it with a blade brush.”
Usage instructions:
Aquilim SG, temporary bond
Directions: Apply to one surface, allow to dry. Material can be stuck together and pulled apart multiple times.



Additional information


.8 Gallon, 64 ounce, 32 ounce, 16 ounce


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